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What attitude Adepses (FATS) to Diabetum of 1-st type have?



21-02-06 the most interesting article the Fatty tissue will be possible to use for treatment of Diabetum has appeared. Result of work really impressing. But besides, explorers try to adhere the received result to the conventional etiopathogenesis of diabetes of 1-st type. Not clear, why do not try to approach today from other side? In fact that we officially know about Diabetum, yet does not allow to find effective methods of treatment of the given disease. That allows to tell that we do not know also secret of Diabetum.


Indeed, that fats (lipoblasts) can be used for regeneration of activity of a pancreas (it managed to be shown the Swiss scientists from University Hospital Basel); speaks about the certain and important role of fats (Adepses) at Diabetum of 1-st type. Undoubtedly, the interesting conclusion is done by explorers on results of experiment, but this conclusion in any way does not show real communication of Adepses with Diabetum of 1-st or with β-cells.


In this case is not the purpose discussion of a conclusion of scientists about the prospective mechanism of regeneration of a pancreas by fatty-mesenchymal-stem cells. There is a reality of regeneration; and it is the real fact, this most important. While in a science the mechanism of this phenomenon is not known, it is possible to represent any conclusions.


Why nobody asks a question: - and if the recognized mechanism of originating of a diabetes of 1-st type with which all achievements try to equate is incorrect? At Diabetum of 1-st type it can is possible to explain this phenomenon of Adepses (lipoblasts), using other etiology of disease?


Now already more than obviously, that the etiopathogenesis of many diseases requires essential revision; as nonknowledge of the mechanism of originating and development of this or that disease does not give an opportunity to find an effective agent of treatment. Leading world scientists speak about inevitability of the new approach in medicine.


Much to our regret, the medical science today while has learned to diagnose and define irreproachably only a final result of disease any pathology or a sick cell. And without any doubt, this relentless and given away achievement. And process of diseases, which can have only two outcomes (originating or not-originating of a sick cell), remains in a rank unknowable secrets.


If was not so, that diseases be treated in complete sense of this word already today is would be possible. But, alas, while we struggle only and only with consequences (final result) of process of disease, instead of with process of disease. And today the medicine basically only facilitates a fate patients at diseases, it too a huge merit. Time will come and the person will learn to treat not a consequence of illness, and with illness. And if to be expressed even more is more exact, the person will cease to fill itself with etiological factors.


Already nobody doubts that the diabetes of 1-st type educes on a background of the increased consumption of substances the frames inside an organism which exceeds their enterings from the outside. So, for example, in children's age the consumption of substances in an organism which is directed on height of the child enlarged. And shortage of any substance (excess of the consumption over entering from the outside is especial) can result in the diseases arising on a background of a shortcoming of this or that substance. It and applys just to Diabetum of 1-st type.


It is necessary to note, that already today many explorers receive results in which essential value of a role of fats (Adepses) shows at many diseases. But their roles, being based on the standard theories, experts cannot while to explain.


Repeatedly results of researches showed development of an identical morphological picture at Diabetum of 1-st type and at determinant tubercular process. If not absence of micobacteria in a pancreas; that could be attributed the given phylum of Diabetum with certitude to one of kinds of tubercular process; so many scientists consider. And in fact practically, conditions of originating and development of Diabetum of 1-st type, and a condition of development of tuberculosis are identical.


Becomes obvious, that results of many researches are not identified with our theories; that not only does not let an opportunity know many processes of successful convalescence, but also withdraws far from a reality. β-cells of a pancreas in which began a pathological process, are not recovered by an organism. And that we did not do, they can be counted irrevocably lost.


It means, the task at treatment of Diabetum of 1-st type - to not give to proceed to a pathological way of development by the rest, still to able-bodied cells which are on the verge of a pathology; to achieve in able-bodied cells of stabilization process, that further will promote neogenesis and regeneration of cellular structure of a pancreas. And it will result to rehabilitation of normal synthesis of an insulin and, accordingly, to renewal of a normal regulation of an exchange of a glucose in an organism.


From article of the Swiss scientists becomes obvious, that appearance of necessary fats (Adepses) in a pancreas prevents transition of able-bodied cells to a pathological way of development, and results in progressive processes of regeneration of cells of a pancreas. Here so is possible to explain successful cases in experiment.


And so, on the basis of carried out own researches, and also a stuff of experimental medicine for last years, it is possible to draw a conclusion, what infringement of a lipometabolism (consumption of fats by cells exceeds their entering from the outside) and results to that in β-cells there is a process of an irreciprocal defatting. This pathological process results in a necrosis of these cells, and to their liquidation by immune system of an organism. In summary the quantity of the given cells decreases (disappearances); that results a decrease of synthesis insulin's and infringement of an exchange of glucose in an organism.


According to submitted before new a hypothesis about originating and development of tuberculosis, these both diseases are type of the same kind of disease tubercular process. The tuberculosis is a process of an irreversible defatting of cellular structure of an organism (but the non-infectious process arising because of a lesion by micobacteria). About it it is possible to read in articles about tuberculosis on the given site. It is necessary to specify, that for acknowledgement of the given hypothesis on a tuberculosis demonstrative experiments are developed.


Thus, Diabetum of 1-st type is tuberculosis of β-cells of a pancreas.


It is possible to present also a brief conclusion and about Diabetum of 2-nd type. If at Diabetum of 1-st type in beta cells the consumption of fats exceeds their entering from the outside, that results in insufficient synthesis of an insulin by these cells; that at Diabetum of 2-nd type occurs all on the contrary - entering of fats in these cells exceeds their normal consumption, and in result - beta-cells synthesize enough insulin, but he cannot be normally acquired that due to superfluous quantity of fats occurs a structural modification of an insulin.


Certainly, these conclusions are not identified with theories accepted today about a tuberculosis and Diabetum. Do not hurry up to make incorrect conclusions, them it is made and so much enough! Much to our regret, any article on capacity of stuff cannot present enough convincing proofs and analysises according to which this or that conclusion is made.


But in fact and an accepted theories today on many diseases cannot explain many cases of successful convalescence (as it was marked above); and they it is enough frequently not only are not identified with result of experiment, but also contradict him. It is impossible to forget about that also; that, for example, Diabetum of 1-st type is included into number of incurable diseases.


New conclusion that Diabetum of 1-st type is a type of tubercular process; also that this disease is a process of an irreversible defatting of β-cells of a pancreas; just also explains the fine results received by the Swiss scientists. Experiments with fats and with fatty tissues also will allow to reach progress in treatment of Diabetum of 1-st type.


Apparently, and in it there are any more no doubts; in the near future it will be already possible to reach positive takes of treatment not only a method of the Swiss scientists, but also the conforming treatment by fats.


It is necessary to note, that given article is not a stuff on which establishment it is possible to apply treatment by fats. In order that do not hasten to be treated with FATs self-dependently; to not do much harm to itself, or to be disabused in something. Just failures (and their majority) consist that treatment by FATs very much and is very specific. To each patient the individual approach is necessary only. Each disease is specific, demands the conforming approach. The different and certain approach is demanded and for each patient even at the same disease. And each new view demands approbation.






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