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Tuberculosis and inadequate situation with Mantoux


As causing for a spelling of present article the stuff has served "do not make to us mantoux (the author - Svetlana Borisova.); published in the newspaper the Komsomol truth of Ukraine, on December, 12, 2006; and article Ukraine is powerless before a tuberculosis from the section "Medicine in Ukraine"; in which intercommunicates that 10 % of patients with a tuberculosis in Ukraine are compounded by patients with a so-called drug-resistant tuberculosis which not undergo in to treatment even the most strong and toxiferous preparations.


To conversation about a situation around of mantoux we shall return below for now we shall talk about a situation of tuberculosis.


Still recently the situation about a tuberculosis was paid attention with summit of "Eight" that allows to draw a conclusion about the extremely bad position with a problem of a tuberculosis not only in Ukraine, but also all over the world. In News of medicine in September, 2006, from the International Conference on problems of struggle against a tuberculosis in Johannesburg, the report has sounded in the world incurable forms of a tuberculosis are dilate. World Health Organization services warn of fast diffusion to the world of forms of tuberculosis not amenable to treatment. So high medicinal fastness does tuberculosis practically incurable, - doctor Nann speaks.


And in a month (October, 2006) experts speak that, diffusion of drug resistant forms of a tuberculosis in the East Europe and the Central Asia (Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine and the Balkan states - in the attitude of tuberculosis the most unsuccessful) represents serious danger to the states of EU. Experts had not time to do this conclusion, as in medical news in section: pulmonology, a phthisiology, has arrived the following report the Drug-resistant tuberculosis is distributed faster, than scientists assumed. Experts WHO on the foundation of the data collected in 79 countries, note, that the special concern of scientists produce appeared in last years the supersteady culture the tubercular bacteria, not amenable in to treatment by the most strong and the toxiferous antitubercular preparations.


In the beginning 2004 in News of medicine there was a report that the medicine against a tuberculosis is developed, surpassing all world analogues. Was supposed, that in drugstores the preparation will appear not earlier than 2005 year, as still is necessary a medicine a cycle of obligatory researches and tests. But till now it the medicine and has not appeared.

The last century the global program on struggle against tuberculosis DOTS has been elaborated. And in September, 2004 in news of medicine the new information has appeared Big hopes were assigned to program DOTS. Here, that the Harward scientists which have published the conclusions in "American Journal of Epidemiology" speak, Global efforts on struggle against a tuberculosis yet have not brought expected success. Global strategy of struggle against tuberculosis requires essential revision. Here, and have arrived!!! Why then this program today is applied in Ukraine???


Despite of these facts, experts of the World Health Organization are sure; that by 2015 the new effective and safe vaccine from tuberculosis will be created. By words of adviser on questions of a tuberculosis of the European regional bureau WHO, Richard Zahleskis's: the developed 80 years ago and used vaccine till now all over the world does not protect from tuberculosis. Not clear and how reports on the built new vaccines for these years? And it is not clear: on the basis of that experts build new forecasts, if analogous vaccines already during long years, unfortunately, are not justified yet?


The conclusion arises: Till now all efforts in struggle against tuberculosis have been directed exclusively on quests of medicines for liquidation of a bacillus Kokh's micobacteria; but they not get crowned success??? And can, one-sided efforts are simply incorrect? What to do in such situation?


In article That it is necessary to make to stop development of a tuberculosis? M.Alhazirgov writes that the Tuberculosis is an insidious disease which develops gradually. Therefore at appearance of signs, suspicious on tuberculosis, it is necessary to address in the nearest medical establishment. The organization of preventive medical surveys of the population the basic step in struggle against tuberculosis. And, first of all, everyone needs to show insistence to itself and to associates; to take on arms key rules, to not give to develop this illness . But in fact these measures in anything have not resulted; the situation with tuberculosis continues to worsen. Indeed M.Alhazirgov of it does not know? So, Richard Zahleskis the adviser the WHO, marks, that annually in the world is recorded 370 thousand again revealed patients by tuberculosis.


In the nearest years on struggle against a tuberculosis in the world is necessary about 56 billion dollars, has declared the principal of a department of partnership "To stop a tuberculosis", Sara Ingland. Cabinet of Ukraine in 2007-2011 is going to strengthen struggle with diffusion of a tuberculosis. The government has affirmed the Concept of the national program of counteraction to disease by tuberculosis in 2007-2011; and has entrusted Ministry of Health to submit till June, 30 on treating of the government the design of the State program of counteraction to disease by tuberculosis in 2007-2011.


But really nobody sees, what, accepted till now one-sided measures (which are directed exclusively on struggle against a micobacterium), not only anything not do in amelioration of situation, and on the contrary? Really is not obvious, what there is a struggle only with a micobacterium, but non with a tuberculosis?


So What to do?


It would be desirable to concentrate attention on one interesting stuff from S.M.Gordienko's article, c..s., Tuberculosis. An assessment of a situation. The author marks, that epidemy of tuberculosis, is more and more distributed in the countries of East and Central Europe. Such conclusion follows from report WHO. In her it marked, that east wave tuberculosis has come to England and France having caused in London and Paris, unknown, to the western measures, epidemy. The principal cause of such of scale diffusion of an infection (as experts consider) is connected to augmentation of a stream of emigrants and overcrowding of the European capitals. A name of new threat it is the drug-resistant tuberculosis.


S.M.Gordienko explains that, the growing inefficiency of the antibiotics used in therapy of bacilluss dangerous to life, concerns to the causes of epidemy also. Scientists ascertain, that is more and more cultures of tubercular bacillus become resistant in relation to antitubercular vaccines - quite often at once to all four kinds of medical products which are included in medical "cocktail".


It is especially marked, that the new purposes, new designs and the new ministerial declaration have been announced in 2000 on Amsterdam conference. The task in view has been transferred for 2005. However not so long ago, the principal of program WHO on struggle against tuberculosis Mario Pavilion has declared that and she, will be hardly achieved.


And if to trust recent research the WHO, the nearest years the situation only will be aggravated because practically it is impossible to confine "wild outburst" of the multiresistant exciter. And the facts today confirm it. Experts unanimously consider, that the main source of a new infection it is basically are patients with the open form of tuberculosis.


The employee of the Ukrainian bureau a WHO supervising a problem of tuberculosis, doctor Kestutis Measkinis has noted: Rates of growth of infection a HIV and morbidity of tuberculosis in Ukraine are highest in the European region. In spite of the fact that poverty, a poor-quality food, inaccessibility of treatment are the basic drives of epidemies, both infections amaze as poor and rich, educated and illiterate, young and old, Men and Women. The basic protection against both infections: self-checking, testing, the responsibility for itself and the surrounding people.

Today it is possible to give enough statements about a negative situation with tuberculosis. But while, nobody can precisely answer (it clearly from a plenty of various publications) - why there is such situation?


Now we shall return to a question on an inadequate situation with reactions of Mantoux. In the newspaper the Mirror of week 15 from April, 22, interesting article - Belated reaction of Mantoux is placed. If to be more frank, reaction of experts as it is impossible to name overdue; even, in spite of the fact that they have really made the reasonable and cardinal - correct decision on an interdiction of antitubercular inoculations. Experts cannot explain the cause of the next negative phenomenon. Precisely the same as they cannot explain many obvious facts which are included into the contradiction with the modern theory of tuberculosis.


The surprising facts are marked in this article: experts the WHO repeatedly lifted a question about that the revaccination from Kokh's bacillus already for a long time does not give expected result; as ill with tuberculosis almost identical part as revaccination, and not-revaccination people. And if to this to add also such real facts which the medical science also cannot explain; that a grafted people from tuberculosis are ill a more serious forms of tuberculosis, than not-grafted ??? One it already gives a ground to Ministry of Health to refuse engraftings on tuberculosis.


There is no necessity to search today guilty how, as we it is doing. Is possible to tell firmly, that the fault in a situation with a Mantoux is not-present neither at producers of a tuberculin, nor at transport workers which transported him, neither at keepers of this vaccine, nor at medical staff which immediately effected inoculations. The cause - in other. And this quite weighed and a substantiated conclusion.

In KT of Ukraine from December, 12 of year (as it was marked in the beginning) the most interesting article Do not make to us mantoux! has been placed. In article is marked: in Vinnitsa refuse from tuberculin skin tests. In opinion of the author: - all descending is an echo of events in some regions of Ukraine in April, 2006 when after engraftings uberculin skin tests it was necessary to hospitalize more than 200 children.


Till now the proved answer on this situation and has not followed. As always experts tried to find the respondent from the side. Unfortunately, only experts assumptions have been stated that to all by fault seasonal circulation of viruses of an acute respiratory infection; also that the error consist that have inoculated to children when the manifestation of diseases caused by the given virus, yet was not. But, as have shown the subsequent events, other "fresh" viruses of the Epstein-Bore forest and a cytomegalovirus later have been found in some children in an organism.


Despite of answers of Ministry of Health, parents continue to count; what is the infections have been brought, when inoculated Mantoux. It is necessary to tell, that parents too are not right. Expert of Ministry of Health (S.Kramarev) in specified article, categorically deny fault of physicians. On a question - whether is dangerous Mantoux? - S.Kramarev do answering, that if the child is able-bodied, the Mantoux is not dangerous; to refuse a Mantoux's test does not cost, as she is a unique method to trace illness at an early stage.


So in what the real cause of a situation with engraftings Mantoux? That is marked in a scientific-methodical stuff about a vaccine-prevention which is official for use in medicine:

- Till now the mechanism of interaction of a tuberculin with immune system is unknown;

- The tuberculin is (most likely) an allergen;

- In itself the positive Mantoux test is not 100 % the proof of infection tuberculosis.


Really experts of it do not know? Why then they hold back and taciturn. Not clear, then Mantoux tests what for are necessary?


Some scientists nevertheless try to tell the truth about a real state of affairs. That the doctor of sciences, the professor - virologist, G.P.Chervonskaja, writes about vaccination (bacterination):

- Is impossible to liquidate any infectious disease only with the help of engraftings. There is a obsession of devil: without inoculation the child is such as incomplete; though actually - absolutely on the contrary;

- For example, at a diphtheria, in case of circulation of the exciter among the population, the phenomenon of a "household" immunization is marked, that is of immunodefence by natural way without marked disease. Therefore, including adult population, to vaccinate is possible and is necessary only after diagnostics - careful questioning and medical inspection. And our system of engraftings reduces titers of available antibodies (takes out protection), and "bared" susceptible people to subsequent their encounter with a diphtheria;

- Nowhere more in the world vaccination of BCG to neonatal, except for Russia and Ukraine, not doing. It is incredibly serious load on an organism of neonatal!


Today many doctors write that it is better to not make vaccination, than to do injurious to health of the child. Rampant vaccination, in such kind what she now it's, we carry out large-scale experiment with the population of our country, not thinking at all that it has already resulted in eco-catastrophe in HEALTH. Now not only parents beat alarm, but also experts who do not try to conceal a real situation around of vaccination.


But a little who speaks about the real cause of negative consequences. I shall try to express personal opinion on this question:

- First, always fault shift on executors. Executors are guilty not; and those who asserts protocols (rules) of vaccination.

- Second, really, nothing so does not develop immunodefence, as true illness. Therefore the majority of engraftings are SIMPLY NONEFFECTIVE; and, besides they can cause this or that pathology.

- Thirdly, in itself the tuberculin for an organism is a foreign substance. Is it possible that experts do not know; what either of the foreign substance will launch protective immune response in an organism which can develop some by a pathology?... (it is one of principal causes of inadequate reaction with Mantoux).

- Fourthly, everyone know, that any vaccines is an additional load on an organism. It is one more of principal causes because of which there are negative reactions with a Mantoux reaction; and with other engraftings too.

- Fifthly, any weakened organism struggles with an external infection on the verge of risk to be ill. And here we bring in one more external additional infection! Here to you and result.


The negative situation with a Mantoux in Ukraine has arisen in the term of transition of an organism from the winter season to the summer season. And all in fact know, that organisms during this moment are weakened because of incomplete and a defective nourishment in the winter season. So in itself the negative result was prognosticated beforehand.


Today because of that the majority of the population lives behind a limit of a living wage and many do not receive a sufficient food; a plenty of organisms are on the verge of disease, i.e. are weakened. Many products (it is repeatedly confirmed with mass-media) are forged. And unless it is possible to inoculate the unhealthy or weakened organism? The most terrible that calendars of vaccination no a season, no a real situation in the country, do not take into account.


Is it possible, that experts do not know, that immune cells of our organism not only do not destroy a micobacterium, and on the contrary, protect her. The immune system liquidates only DAMAGED micobacteria. The classical science today does not know the answer to this phenomenon!!! And we in fact bring in organism the damaged micobacteria, at a Mantoux; and to be exact - extracts from them. The Mantoux really "is not dangerous" only to able-bodied people. In any case, the Mantoux, as well as vaccination of BCG, will cause seen or invisible negative result.


And how the immune system can develop immunodefence against a micobacterium when she protects a bacillus Kokh's? Then in what sense of antitubercular vaccination and Mantoux?


Taking into account the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion: here is no necessity in Mantoux which is not the proof of infection a micobacteria; no in vaccination of BCG. It - the real truth; the medical science has no enough some the weighty establishments to define a micobacterium to the contagious exciter.


All named above, are the important causes of a negative situation both with tuberculosis in general, and with inadequate reaction with Mantoux. But it not is the main thing. In what a matter, then? Once again we sharpen the basic questions which arise around of tuberculosis.


Why, despite of appreciable efforts in struggle against a tuberculosis, the situation is not improved, and on the contrary, worsens? Why earlier it was disease of hungry and cold, and today diseases are exposed to this also social-able-bodied layers of the population? Why, then more we attack a micobacterium, the more she is protected on the part of the nature and our immune cells (macrophages)? And such questions which are not explained from the logic point of view; which are not explained from a position standard of theories about a tuberculosis, as about the disease arising as a result of a lesion of an organism by a bacillus Kokh's; it is possible to give enough much.


It gives a cause to put the basic question: if such contradictions can are observed, the theory about tuberculosis is incorrect? Experts not only are afraid to put this question; but they even are afraid to speak about him. The existing theory is firm. The existing theory is firm. How here to not remind about great scientist J.Thomson's words: - From all services which can be rendered to a science; introduction of new ideas is the most important. But to the most important for a science is not only introduction of new ideas, but also comprehension of perversity old.


We lose one's ability to think logically. As a rule, making series of actions for something, or with the purpose of achievement of a positive effect, we precisely estimate a situation. And if as a result of our actions we have received negative (not expected result) we precisely understand, that we have made any certain action incorrectly. There and then we try to define him, and to correct. And only having corrected incorrect action, we receive expected result.


And now let's act similarly in relation to struggle against tuberculosis. What action incorrect in treatment of a tuberculosis we make; if we receive a negative result (the number of resistant forms marvellously experts grows))?


To find incorrect action, let's look into; and we make what series of actions in treatment of tuberculosis? Here and appear PARADOX. At the treatment of the tuberculosis based on the standard theory, we do exclusively ONE ACTION. We only kill a micobacterium, and all!!! So if we do one action and we receive a negative result; that arises an evident and not-refutable conclusion: we MAKE INCORRECT ACTION.


If our conclusion is true, then all existing questions constructed on the standard theory, lose sense, and the theory is represented incorrect.


And today it is already easy to prove this conclusion experimentally. It is necessary to note; that, applying other approach, in struggle against tuberculosis in the world is required much less finances, than it is assumed by experts. Today it is already easy to prove that officially-accepted a direction of researches for the decision of a problem of a tuberculosis, incorrectly. What actions would not be undertaken by the countries in this direction, they will not result in a positive result. Last years became obvious, that many known scientists speak about necessity of the new approach for medicine. For that the medicine does today not only is not effective, but and is relapse; and it admits all. This approach in official medicine is not found, and they search him not there.


And the last. So in what a principal cause of a negative situation around of tuberculosis today? And in fact we are mistaken, speaking about the contagious nature of tuberculosis. It also is the real cause. The TUBERCULOSIS is a NON-infectious DISEASE.


The new hypothesis with which it is possible to familiarize from stuffs of this site, explains many obscure questions of a phthisiology; and not only explains a negative situation, but also shows real ways of an exit from her. Becomes obvious, that is necessary to change the attitude to the theory about tuberculosis. In a basis of tubercular process lays other etiology; which considerably differs from what is standard in medicine. To solve a problem and to cope with such disease as a tuberculosis it already possible in the near future, but with using other approach.





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