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«The group of the American scientists has made "amazing" (by their own words) a discovery, having shown presence of communication between sense of fright and development of oncologic diseases in process of experiments on rats. Results are described in magazine Hormones and Behaviour, informs Live Science» - so article begins «Fright the forerunner of a cancer» from 24.10.2006 begins.


Someone can and does not betray value to these surprising results which were received by group of the American scientists. But this result once again confirms a opulence of a new hypothesis which is described in the conforming monography in 2001. With 2002 this hypothesis was published in press and on different sites. First article referred to «Secret of a cancer».


Today all know definition WHO that in a basis of etiological factors at oncologic diseases more than 80 % occupy chemical carcinogens, and the others – about 20 %. And last years this proportion began to variate. And this change lays in a category not clear and unresolved questions.

One of principal items of a new hypothesis about a cancer sounded so: - «the Basic feature of oncologic diseases consists that in a basis of their etiological factors more than 80 % of cases now lay so-called psychologic (including so-called power or biopower) factors; and only in 20 % it's chemical, physical and others carcinogens». This assumption was born on the basis of deep analysis of stuffs of the oncology, the carried out experiments and studying of clinical stuffs. And, similar proportions are received also by group of the American scientists.

The fright, as such, also is type of cancerogenic factors. Thus, the group of the American scientists today has confirmed experimentally an assumption which by me is declared in 2001. I express sincere gratitude to these scientists. And I shall be, is grateful, and if someone will prompt to me; as is possible to communicate with them. My address: uspehov@narod.ru.


With by respect for the reader,

Peter Savchenko.







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