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How spring up a cancer?


It is very interesting question. But the most interesting consists in that all researches on etiopathogenesis diseases began with researches in an oncology. That in further has allowed answering many questions in medicine, including in a phthisiology, diabetology, in virology (AIDS).

And so, how spring up a cancer?



One of the most often diseases of the person, which give rise to the mors an appreciable part of the population, illness be, which refers to a cancer. For last quarter of the last century on cancer researches, tens billions dollars have been spent. But, despite of it, from the majority of kinds of a cancer the mortality has changed a little. Share of the morses caused by a cancer, remains so big, as before. And quantity of sufferings from a cancer, probably, even grows. It because the treatments many of kinds, becoming popular, doom to the patient on pitiful existence. And, that the most important, so it that unfavourable forecasts of experts predict a victory of the CANCER over the person. Today I can is firm tell, that the nearest years the mankind will cope with this monster.


Apparently, with me everything will agree that a main objective of cancer treatment this complete convalescence, when the patient after treatment could continue long, useful, comfortable and causing feeling of satisfaction life.


But, much to our regret, basically, the treatment used today, kills the patient earlier, than illness can make it. Has made this application Dr. Linus Pauling, the American biochemist, the laureate of two personal Nobel premiums. My opinion completely coincides. Use in treatment of a cytotoxic chemotherapy is especially aggressive.


Why so occurs? Didn't researchers work, in this direction? They work with big the big diligence. Studying of materials on an oncology has allowed to draw a conclusion today is received enough results, what thoroughly a pathological cell, a tumour, etc to study. In other words, consequences of occurrence of oncologic disease are today enough well investigated. This material allows understanding secret of a cancer. Actual material always not refutable. Only on him wrong we frequently do conclusions.


So why then the secret of a cancer remains behind seven latches? - if is an actual materials enough is present. Why methods of treatment which will allow curing this disease, in complete sense of this word are not found? Something here, apparently, not so. The last, and was prompting to carrying out of researches in the field of oncologic diseases.





The basic purpose of research to open all mechanism of occurrence and development of oncologic disease, and, according to this mechanism a way of treatment to define, which will allow to treat these diseases without relapses. The important purpose of this work is also remission of the person of fear before a cancer (cancerophobia).




Most surprising it that it was possible to make at once to understand, than it is possible to treat correctly a cancer. But, that about it to speak, it was necessary for me correctly to understand Why the cancer to treat so, instead of differently? Began search. The basic material on oncologic diseases, existing results of researches, material on a morphological picture of oncologic diseases, on a cancer and healthy cell, on pathological physiology, etc were repeatedly processed. But at the initial stage of anything to find has failed. Really, if to be based on standard theories, secret of a cancer to open it is impossible.


And only considerably later it was possible to understand cannot be such, that in all an official material on secret of a cancer the answer was absent. Something is missed. It became clear, that to researchers to do a correct conclusion, the stereotype of thinking does not give. For boundaries of frameworks of a problem the researcher cannot get out. Earlier already I collide with the same problem concerning other research. At that time it was possible to understand, that it is necessary to search and analyze carefully, Also it is necessary to get out for limits of a problem.

And, search began, but with new inspiration. It is necessary to prove an offered hypothesis it is the basic. How to be, in fact precise proofs are necessary? For certain to arise questions: Where researches? Where results? Where proofs? Where it is approved?, etc. And the most serious criticism, as a rule, the material criticizes concerning researches, cleanliness experiments of statement, opportunity of their repetition. And it, as a rule, rejects many hypotheses even if they are correct.


And the decision has been found. And what for experiments and own researches to carry out, In fact today it is already made and so much in this respect? And these results are described, and that the most important are absolute accepted by medicine. If to use these results, that many questions will be removed. And it means it will be easier to protect a new hypothesis.


Thus, at statement of researches by me were used materials which are recognized in an oncology. This material was surveyed multilaterally.


All material was again processed on particles. Transition from one part to another occurred only after that, when in maximum complete volume the direction has been processed, answers are found on all originated questions as much as possible. For this purpose it was necessary to resort not only to a medical science, but to physics and chemistry, to the nature, to check conformity of those or other laws.


All this has allowed finding out variance of those or other laws in materials, those or other physical and chemical processes in an organism. Now all efforts of researchers are directed in medicine directed on deep studying of a pathological cell. Is considered, that it will help to open an etiopathogenesis of this or that disease. It is the basic mistake of researchers. To me can ask unless in-depth studies of a pathological cell are indispensable? Are necessary, and even very much but only that they could confirm accuracy of conclusions concerning occurrence and developments of this or that disease.


Why in a pathological cell all parameters of physical and chemical processes to find it is impossible and to reply these processes why arise and proceed? On this question already for a long time the answer has been received in other sciences. Still nobody managed to open parameters of processes of occurrence something only on deep studying a final sample. And consequently, studying a pathological cell, we shall open never the mechanism of occurrence of disease and parameters of processes which result in occurrence of a pathological cell. It is necessary to go in other way. It is necessary to search for the basic answer outside of a pathological cell and before her occurrence; it is a key rule at setting of researches. This method has helped to cope with a task in view.


Thus, on the same materials with results of researches, scientists have made one conclusions and hypotheses - and in a result in medicine there were many questions on which remain without the answer. After it was possible to look at a problem and results on the other hand, it was possible to surmise all mechanism of occurrence and development of oncologic diseases, and to answer many of those questions, which stand today before a medical science.



The basic result has been already named - it was possible to open an etiopathogenesis of oncologic diseases completely. Also the basic method of treatment of this disease was defined.


I think, that today an actual material with the description of consequences after originating a cancer is present enough, Here, hardly probable will be possible serious to add something. Therefore conversation will be only about the mechanism of originating of oncologic disease. With the complete responsibility I understand, that correctness of a new hypothesis, or on vice versa, her incorrectness, only time will define, or people to which, probably, will be helped by my work. Today it is only my OPINION, and it is necessary to prove him.


And so, how in an organism oncologic process arises? Today is precisely known chemical, physical, biological factors, bioenergetics, various kinds of emanation, microbes, viruses, etc. are the causes of disease. But how carcinogens amaze structures of an organism? It is opened and a unresolved question in an oncology, and not only. The medicine does not know as carcinogens amaze structures of an organism.


Fact sheet which have been received in numerous experiments, have very much surprised me. Namely, that disease arises only after repeated influence various carcinogens. Also, that at originating diseases they completely disappear in unknown direction. Any methods of diagnostics do not allow tracking the nature of their disappearance. By the way, these facts also have prompted where it is necessary to search for answers.


The first, that it was possible to make - to define a role of causative factors in originating oncologic diseases. Further, on the basis of a carried out role, they are offered to be named Awake Carcinogens-Catalysts - (C-C). Why catalysts? To me set already this question. One of many properties, who is characterized with these materials - catalysts can provoke and accelerate chemical reaction. Thus, they do not participate own structure in the basic reaction. Carcinogens carry out a similar role.


What then a role of catalysts in oncologic process?


The official theory today - Carcinogens depress synthesis RNA, mainly, information-RNA. Alkylating carcinogens amaze both RNA), and DNA. There are also other assumptions. Mutagen action carcinogens suddenly and quickly, then they disappear. Till now the question is not solved: where carcinogens disappear after originating pathology? And besides, as a rule (as it was already marked) carcinogens lesions in experiments occur only with unlimited-frequentative influence. From first times - lesions never happens. So what mysterious process descends with C-C?


Not capable to reply, scientists speak, that their action is short-term. Proofs of a direct lesion carcinogens does not exist. Them will not find. If would be contrary, at today's successes (in particular in chemistry and biological chemistry, and in new methods of researches) this question would be already resolved. "But a cart and nowadays there". Miracles does not happen. Only absence of knowledge hinder us to see true processes.


Directly C-C is not the instrument of lesion. Then what role they play at originating diseases? Their role consists that process of own "burning" (i.e. oxidations) they promote a pathological acceleration of cellular processes. And as a result, the healthy cell turns into pathological.


Thus, "ignition" C-C occurs only in case of accumulation of their certain supercritical quantity in this or that tissue of an organism. Till this moment they not provide negative action, except insignificant difficulty of a metabolism which is regulated in a homeostasis.


The organism is such frame in which volumes circumscribed and to an boundless distention are not exposed; all processes descend at lower temperatures, than in inorganic chemistry. From physical laws clearly, that if in any closed volume add those or other materials, there will be their warming. So, for example, if we shall pump overly a wheel, from warming during the certain moment it will become torn. And if there will be in the closed volume a presence of Oxygenium at any supercritical quantity of forced materials, there will be their "self-ignition". I think that this fact to prove it is necessary. It is already proved. And it means, that similar processes descends and in an organism. Thus, when accumulation C-C will exceed the supercritical quantitative contents in this or that tissue there will be their "ignition".


Let's assume, that C-C be inflamed up after their quantity will exceed any certain supercritical magnitude. And in fact it known, as a rule, oncologic diseases arise there where there is no system of blood. It means that in the given tissue there is no molecular Oxygenium. In it all experts will be solidary. How in this case there can be an ignition? As descends "a burning" C-C, when in zone the oncologic locus is not present blood system; and there is no Oxygenium?


Just it is the next question which it was possible to answer. In an organism there is no anaerobic respiration and it not imagination. Many opponents today speak me, that you deny Warburgs hypothesis. In no event. Address to Warburgs protosources (originals). He never spoke, that cancer cells arise and educe originally in anaerobic surroundings (at absence of Oxygenium). Warburg has made originally fine conclusions. He spoke: - "Cancer's cells consume less Oxygenium, than able-bodied". That we see anaerobic respiration? Nobody see. And only subsequently these originally conclusions have developed into other conclusion: - about originating cancer cells in anaerobic surroundings. It happened because nobody could find Oxygenium in a tissue where there is no blood system. It was the basic error of explorers.


All have overlooked that in absence in tissues of blood system in tissues there is Oxygenium which acts in an organism through the mechanism of a cutaneous respiration.


I uphold Warburg's conclusions which speak, that a cancer cells consume much less Oxygenium, than able-bodied. It is an genius conclusion. And to receive a living cells (that breathe Oxygenium) in anaerobic surroundings impossible nobody neither in medicine, nor in biology. It speaks that anaerobic respirations in an organism simply do not exist.


Thus, "ignition" and further "the burning" - descends at participation of molecular Oxygenium which acts in an organism through the mechanism of a cutaneous respiration. And if to pay attention, also localization of diseases receives development in those places where has access Oxygenium which has arrived through the mechanism of a cutaneous respiration.


One of leading experts has rebuked, that I confuse the person with a frog. But let, didn't person have mechanism of a cutaneous respiration? Everything, that is in the person, plays a significant role. It only the person has got used to attach this or that value to frames and mechanisms of an organism. Thus he forgets that everything, that is in an organism, carries out the well-defined and necessary role. And if we do not know this role, we have no the right to estimate negatively a role of a cutaneous respiration, and to pretend, that him is not, or that it has lost the function.


In numerous experiments it fixed, that cancer cells on the development are similar to embryonic cells. As a rule, embryonic cells in most cases receive development in absence of blood system. For the development they use molecular Oxygenium which acts through the mechanism of a cutaneous respiration.


The risk of a malignant degeneration is high there where there was an accumulation carcinogens; and their quantity on a limit of exceeding of supercritical magnitude, after which oncologic process begins. In most cases he arises in zone of the mechanism of a cutaneous respiration.


One medical expert has told, that it already a cock and bull story! His right though itself competently to reply - where the risk of a malignant degeneration is great? - cannot. This question remains without the accurate answer. Then why do not want to hear another opinion, if cannot answer?


That "the burning" (oxidation) C-C results in rise in temperature in zone of the locus, apparently, to prove is no need. The increased temperature, result of burning, precipitate of cellular and other physical and chemical processes in pathological zone. She is one of pathological factors of transformation of an able-bodied cell in the tumor cell.


C-C in pathological zone burn down and are easily deduced from an organism. The answer to a question which be present in medicine - why is not possible to find them in pathological frames and where they disappear after originating a pathology?


But basic role C-C - at "burning" one atomic Oxygenium from molecular Oxygenium (the burning in the closed volume) they use, and the second remains free. This element is very awake. Not - as was considered, and he is the basic initial instrument of a lesion and transformation of cells from able-bodied in pathological. This atomic Oxygenium differs from what is used for "burning" carcinogens.


Further is offered to name him according to a carried out role - Active Singlet Oxygenium (SO). The lesion active singlet Oxygenium of cellular frames and materials in zone of "burning" C-C bring not only to processes of noneffective oxidation and to transformation (mutation) of cells in pathological, but also to education of secondary instruments of a lesion - radicals. For example, super-oxides 22 and others. The primary instrument of a lesion is SO.


To me speak, that it already was, when spoke about the theory of transformation of cells in tumoral under influence of radicals. Its essence consists that the free radicals framed in cells under action of chemical and physical factors, influence the major amounting cells. I shall tell that it was the closest hypothesis to a solution of secret of disease, but experts have stopped on it, as considered, as well as all other explorers, that amaze directly. And under the offered theory free radicals in the pathological locus are formed under influence "SO". And awake singlet Oxygenium is the product formed at "burning" "C-C".


The error which has prevented the further development and recognition of the theory of radicals, consists that antioxidants (their application negatively reflected in cellular frames). On the one hand antioxidants blasted atomic Oxygenium (radical), and with another - Oxygenium which enter in an organism through the mechanism of a lung respiration was simultaneously blasted. It is impossible to influence a radical of Oxygenium and thus to not destroy Oxygenium necessary for cellular respiration.


The following error consists in the theory of radicals that are considered as radicals of Oxygenium a radical OH and radicals 22. What it is radicals of Oxygenium, if it - radicals compound of Hydrogenium with Oxygenium?


Besides in the theory of radicals there is no explanation, as radicals are chemically framed. In the theory of radicals spoken about Oxygenium which acts through the mechanism of a lung respiration. And how there is an education of radicals at originating tumours in absence of blood system? On this and similar questions in the theory of radicals of answers are not.


Thus, supercritical accumulation C-C in an organism results in their ignition, rising of pathological temperature and to education in the pathological locus of the instrument of a lesion - SO. Then under his influence chemical process of transformation of an able-bodied cell in pathological also is started. It a role of causative factors at originating diseases. Negative (non-effective) oxidation SO of materials results also in rising pathological temperature.


AC-C, lighting up, gradually burn down, and the innoxious residual of their burning are deduced from an organism.

Earlier was considered, that in each organism there are cancer cells. Now it is possible to tell firmly, that till the moment of "burning" C-C of cancer cells in an organism not.


Now the mechanism of originating of oncologic disease can be presented as the following chain:

Accumulation in organism AC-C → Excess of their supercritical quantity, then AC- flare up → Burning C-C with education SO → Lesion of cellular structures and materials ASO; Acceleration of physical and chemical processes because of rise in temperature (as result of process of burning) → Transformation of an able-bodied cell in tumoral and the further development of disease with education of a tumour.


I want to emphasize especially, that oncologic process is a process of noneffective (incomplete) burning C-C. All pathological changes in an organism is only consequence of process of burning C-C. The end product (outcome) of process of burning is a cancer cell and her clone (tumour). Liquidation of all pathological cells is does not mean, that oncologic process is liquidated. Liquidation of pathological cells without liquidation of oncologic process results in originating relapses. That oncologic process has stopped; process of burning carcinogens should stop. Only in this case it will be possible to tell, that cancer disease is defeated.


The World Health Organization names originators of originating of a cancer at people the choronomic and intrinsic carcinogens, and in 85-90 % - is chemical carcinogens. Researches of histories of diseases, and also conversations with oncologic patients, etc., have allowed determining, that over 80 % C-C at cancer diseases are bioenergetics (negative energy) C-C. All other kinds about 20 %, including chemical. It is one of the basic features of oncologic diseases. By the way, for the benefit of this conclusion, just also speak the successful experiments carried out recently on use of animal (dogs) for diagnostics of a cancer. Animals, as a rule, are sensitive to bioenergetics C-C. It too is proved.


There is a mechanism of originating of a cancer, and now it is possible to find a method of treatment. It is necessary to neutralize (the basic instrument of a lesion) and development of disease will be stopped. But the nearest years about it to speak still early. And only because Oxygenium is a basic element of cellular respiration. Here only it is possible to do much harm. Just as use of antioxidants was a brake in the theory of radicals; similarly neutralization can play for the submitted hypothesis - injury. And, especially, when the method of treatment which will allow to get rid of relapses is necessary. Means it is impossible to blast SO. There should be other decision in treatment of diseases.


We has no right to blast a pathological cell as also able-bodied frames necessarily in this case are damaged. And it again relapses. In the beginning of researches has been put restriction to find a method of treatment which will allow liquidating appearance of relapses. What exit can be found in the given situation?


And so, in the further researches (was even more interesting) at deep analysis of a metabolism in able-bodied and pathological cells (the statistical data it is enough), it was possible to determine from the very beginning of a lesion around of a damaged cell the new frame is formed. This frame is named a protective covering (or environment ) of pathological cell (PCPC).


For cancer diseases it was possible to define her structural chemical formula. It - complex bond which will consist from noneffective - oxidized oxide, this or that trace-substance and Adepses. For each disease it is formed determined PCPC.


Opponents have objected me: - That it delirium?That for a covering? In fact you spoken, that the cancer cell on a chemical compound of materials differs nothing from able-bodied, and conversation is conducted about a covering. The same - contradiction, nobody did see this covering.


First, the contradiction in general is not. PCPC formed of elements which are in a cell and in pericellular habitat. And the second, it not delirium. This covering is formed as a result of lesion SO of cellular materials which moving strengthens at a pathological lesion; thus the chemical law about priority replacements of materials comes into effect.


Many frames was not found out at researches, and was not supposed, that they can take place. Them unless did find in further? Only in-depth study allowed them to determine theoretically, and then and to find out. Why it cannot be in this case?


And unless the fact does not look delirium, what, as a rule, the healthy cell should be stronger before damaged (pathological) from the physical point of view? Why actually damaged cell wins in struggle with able-bodied? Miracles in fact it does not happen.


And it means, that simultaneously with damage of a cell, certain additional frame starts to protect a pathological cell. Only in this case the damaged cell can win at able-bodied. And only in this case there will be conformity to the nature.


Thus, SO not only amazes cellular frames and transforms able-bodied cells in cancer, but also conductive in education PCPC. Careful analysis of materials in the necrotic locuses in addition confirms about correctness of the assumption of education PCPC. In such frames find materials which are inherent only in necrotic tissues and PCPC.


Today diseases (and not only oncologic) are diagnosticated only then when there was complete formation PCPC around of the struck cell. Today there is a direction of diagnosing of oncologic diseases on an alpha-fetoprotein, but mass use while impossible. The percent confirming presence of this element, low (less in 50 % of cases of tumoral diseases). And PCPC formed to in each tumor cell.


Now there is a unique opportunity to diagnose disease with help PCPC. Knowing chemical compound PCPC, it will be possible to diagnose disease from the moment of the first lesion of frames (education begins from the moment of the beginning of a lesion of cellular frames). Disappears necessity to prove importance and a urgency of the given moment.


Cells (around of which there was complete education PCPC) are not amazed protective forces of an organism. Their lesion is considerably reduced by choronomic methods of influence. That is why immune, and other systems, at an able-bodied state basically are powerless against cancer disease.


And so, destruction PCPC will allow immune system to cope with disease. It will not be necessary to influence a pathological cell with the purpose of her liquidation. Destruction PCPC also will allow an organism to cope with disease itself. It will be a new method of treatment (relapse-free) as thus able-bodied cells will not be amazed.


Destruction PCPC by a laser beam is and will be the most effective method of treatment. Today the laser instrument is applied INCORRECTLY, as weapons of a lesion. It is impossible to influence all over again frames of an organism, and then to try to find out, in what has resulted influence of the laser. Give My God, this influence has given good result. And if, on the contrary, to a latent consequence? And in general, it is impossible to influence frames of an organism if the object of influence is not determined.


The laser (against other instruments of treatment) has a unique opportunity of selective destruction. This method of treatment of the nearfuture, and not only cancer diseases. I want to emphasize, that treatment of oncologic diseases will consist not only in helping an organism to get ridof cancer cells (it will not be complete treatment), and treatment will consist in giving C-C an opportunity completely to burn down, and thus to confine increase of a tumour. Only the cessation of oncologic process ("the burning" C-C) will result in complete convalescence. Differently, that the person has recovered, C-C should burn down completely.




If to carry out additional researches in 1-2 year it will be possible to treat really cancer (and others) diseases and to achieve complete treatment. On a direction of carrying out of researches the certain plans are developed, conditions of modelling (building) PCPC outside of an organism are known, that will allow to pick up necessary laser installation.


Analysis and results of the carried out researches on an oncology are reflected in the conforming monography the Mechanism of originating of diseases. A cancer. Besides a cancer, works on a tuberculosis, Diabetum, AIDS are finished. The monography of "the Basis of the general pathological physiology is finished.


On complexity the cancer is actually one of the elementary diseases. The mechanism of his{its} originating underlies originating and development of many diseases at this or that stage of an etiopathogenesis.


As a result of the done work it was possible not only to open an etiopathogenesis of a cancer, a tuberculosis, Diabetum and in part AIDS, but also to offer the new formula of respiration; to present new views on work of the genic mechanism, nervous system; to offer other classification of diseases; to answer many questions worth today before medicine. Today it is my view, i.e. my point of view which demands the further discussion. At all I do not declare that I am completely right. But that, in general, the hypothesis is true, today personal doubts already are not.

The basic researches and processing of stuff has been completed in 2001, monographies are protected by the copyright. Constant analysis of a new stuff in medicine is more and more and more today confirms precision of the suggested hypotheses. Today many explorers already stand on a threshold of about what is told in the specified monographies.


When to me do remarks refer what not I got acquainted with that literature, and offering other stuffs. I itself that the person knew secret of a cancer, and am skilful to treat this disease. And I am pleased with any achievement. But when I get acquainted with that or other new stuff I am more and more predicated in suggested hypothesis. Even in last new stuffs there are many factors, confirming a new hypothesis.


Many medical workers got acquainted with the monography on an oncology, and all who got acquainted, speak about necessity of continuation of researches, about a new not ordinary view. One of oncologic workers, the experienced doctor, the explorer and the principal of clinic in conversation has told, that will be bad, if the stuff will leave to the west. As the person and the expert he on my side and as the official worker - has no the right to work without . Unfortunately, experts circumscribed.


On present time while my efforts to cause normal discussion by success have not. Though denyings of a hypothesis from medical workers (which completely got acquainted with stuffs of researches) was not. Many or do not trust what is made, or probably are afraid? I do not know.


Really nobody worry with these themes? Today the basic it is to finish researches.


I know that all "new" move up hard, therefore I hope, the common sense will win.



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