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The surprising symbiose

peaceful co-existence of a tubercular infection contamination with a monocyte,

which by the nature is intended to destroy an infection



It is very interesting fact which was repeatedly observed in various experiments; and which till now has not found a precise explanation in official scientific medicine. Really nobody wants to know explanations to this phenomenon?


And can in the decision of this fact just and that answer is covered which will allow to solve a problem of a tuberculosis?


Much to our regret; we lose one's ability to use simple logic intellection. It is that basic error, which today; alas; frequently withdraws from that we notice in experiments. In experiment always it is possible to find the answer to any question which can frequently arise before us.


To admit, very much and it was very hard to find the answer to a question - why the micobacterium peacefully symbioses (coexists) in a body of a monocyte? And not only lives in his, and excellently propagates.


At present this phenomenon easily speaks. But, the most interesting, that the explanation of this phenomenon has allowed to explain and other (not less interesting) facts which also have no explanations in an official modern science. Let's try analysing and comparing, that the common it is observed in some facts.


So, the first fact peaceful co-existence of a micobacterium and a monocyte in the tubercular patient which is expressed in normal vital activity and a breeding of a micobacterium.


The second fact normal vital activity and a breeding of a micobacterium in the tubercular isolated formation.


The third fact - today scientists successfully use for cultivation of micobacteria "broth" which associates with killed boiling, cooked meat and an extract from him; i.e. cultural medium in which the dead tissue is added. Thus it is necessary to take into account, that this method of cultivation of micobacteria (as experiments displayed) the most effective. In his as against a usual method (1-3 individuals); multiplication of micobacteria till 30-40 individuals is reached. And in the given fact normal vital activity and a breeding of micobacteria is observed. This phenomenon on recognition of scientists yet has no explanation.

Let's try departing temporarily the standard contagious theory about tuberculosis. In fact all of us perfectly realize; that to solve any problem is one obligatory condition - it is necessary to go out for precincts (frames) of a problem; and to examine on her from different directions. Because, to be in inside a problem, it is impossible to solve something.


What the common in the mentioned above facts? To answer these questions, let's note the basic observations which are marked by scientists.


Micobacterium in an immunocyte. Only the uninjured micobacterium quietly lives in a monocyte. And only the damaged micobacterium is exposed to an englobement, i.e. is destroyed. But she not only quietly lives in it to the murderer of foreign and own damaged bodies; and quietly grows and propagates. Prominent feature is that multiplication of individuals B in a monocyte is reached in limens of 30-40 individuals. It is necessary to note still very interesting fact: at a breeding of micobacteria during the certain moment (due to destruction of an immunocyte) micobacteria go out to outside. Scientists consider, that it be the result on one cause micobacteria by the nature have property to blast monocytes. Today the mass of assumptions (which yet have not found precise acknowledgement) expresses one's opinion about that; how and why micobacteria blast a monocyte. But all scientists unanimously declare that mechanisms of process of influence of a micobacterium, as and on organism, so and on cellular structure (including on immunocytes) till now remain obscure. And it is the real fact.


Vital activity of a micobacterium in isolated tubercular formation. And it is possible to speak about this fact much. But we shall note the most basic - the micobacterium in isolated tubercular formation perfectly grows and propagates. And thus gives multiplication of individuals B in isolated formation in limens of 30-40 individuals. And so, as have shown numerous experiments; in an organism, except a tubercular isolated formations and immune bodies, micobacteria practically do not propagate, and are oppressed. As we see, this basic, that unites first two facts.


Cultivation of micobacteria with addition of a dead tissue in cultural medium. That here is possible to describe important. But in fact scientists have noted a phenomenon which as they admit, till now remains not explained, in such "broth" of a micobacterium change, will bloom and perfectly propagate; namely give multiplication in limens of 30-40 individuals.


And now becomes obvious, that all these three facts have one important resemblance: micobacteria perfectly feel themselves, revive, will bloom and perfectly propagate, as against other conditions. Thus give an identical clone 30-40 individuals.


Here there is the most interesting question and what is such common in these three facts what enables micobacteria to revive, blossom and is perfectly to propagate?


According to the modern theory, the tuberculosis is an infectious illness which arises because of a lesion of cells of an organism a micobacterium. For certain is known, that the lesion of frames of an organism it is a lesion of alive organic matters. And in experiments at cultivation of a micobacterium explorers try to reconstitute a live culture medium (according to the infectious theory about tuberculosis). But, alas, in live medium of a micobacterium appear depressed, badly grow and do not give desirable multiplication. Scientists admit what to explain it from the point of view of the contagious theory yet is not possible.

To which party do not approach and the modern theory is not capable to answer the put questions yet. As already it has been marked above, scientists have not unriddle a phenomenon: why at addition on cultural medium of a dead tissue, there is a resuscitation and intensifying up to normal, development of micobacteria and their breeding? Is not difficult to guess, why it was not possible to answer. If to look attentively the result is not identified with the recognized theory. In fact according to the contagious theory of tuberculosis, a micobacterium perfectly should feel itself in a live culture medium, and perfectly in her propagate. But, alas.


Really is possible to solve a problem of any disease only one assumptions, and the more so, not knowing the mechanism of many processes of originating of disease? ...


Let's distract a little and we shall talk about the following. More recently opponents to me have informed that proofs concerning influences of micobacteria are perfectly submitted in article Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the host response and in article Immunology of tuberculosis. Really very interesting stuff. But in a nem scientists again write that they only SUPPOSE. Alas, the facts are an obstinate thing. As are not fine assumptions which truly conform to an infectious role of micobacteria, they are broken by the precise FACT.


In two named articles it would be desirable to note that basic, that is not identified in experiment; namely in the description of experiment with assumptions. Authors especially emphasize the following:

- Viability micobacteria of human type in the organism and macrophages results in disputable and discordant results which while are inexplicable,

- Despite of positive experiments on animals and in the test-tube, the certain role, for example, an interferon (IFN-?) in protection of people against a lesion micobacteria of human type is not clear; as it is clear in protection of an organism against other type of micobacteria.

- Many mechanisms of this or that process including in the attitude of "B-infection", till now remain obscure and inexplicable.


Alas, but today while there are no proved assumptions.


Authors, as it was already marked (and they emphasize it) while only suppose mechanisms of apoptosis, a immune host defense, "coexistence" (symbiosis) of two frames (an immune cell - a micobacterium), etc.


So is still such common in these three phenomena what allows to receive such results in experiments?


Let's carefully consider a phenomenon of cultivation of bacillus Kokh. What was a jerk to blooming micobacteria and to their unsurpassed breeding? And in fact the answer is obvious; scientists give the answer they have added a dead tissue, i.e. dead organic matters in a live culture medium.


And now rather simple and obvious conclusion arises: to result in a normality of vital activity a micobacterium (normal height and a breeding), it is necessary to give them dead organic substances. Alas, but this obvious conclusion obviously is not identified with an accepted contagious hypothesis about a tuberculosis.


And in fact it is real and an incontestable fact received as a result of experiment.


Let's now pass on to vital activity of a micobacterium in isolated tubercular formation. What do we have in this fact?


It has been earlier marked; all these three facts are bound by that in them the micobacterium perfectly lives and propagates. Proceeding from last conclusion, follows: - to reach normal vital activity of a micobacterium, is necessary for her to give dead organic substances. And whether there are such substances in isolated formation? Yes, in that continually; that is! In these formations are enough dead organic substances which, alas, cannot be liquidated by immune system as immune bodies in them to get simply not can. These are the residual of a necrosis of cells, etc.


Thus, and in isolated tubercular formation in that the micobacterium grew and perfectly propagated, there is enough of dead organic substances.


And what in third of the facts in which normal vital activity of a micobacterium and her breeding also is observed?


Fine symbiose of a micobacterium with an immunocyte. At first sight it seems, that this fact leaves for limits an identification with two explained. But it at first sight, and the more so in a situation when we trust that in a basis of a tubercular lesion a lesion of an organism a micobacterium.


Let's recollect, and what basic role of an immunocyte? The immunocyte liquidates, englobing (cankering) foreign microorganisms and personal pathological or damaged cells of an organism.


Practically the immunocyte of them kills and digests the residual. It is perfectly observed in experiment. But this firmly shows us, that in an immunocyte practically always there is residual of alive frames, i.e. dead organic matters. Proceeding from the above-stated conclusions, it is obvious: the micobacterium in a monocyte perfectly feels itself, normally lives and propagates, eating dead organic matters. Here She - essence of symbiose.


Thus, the explanation to three fine phenomena is found (symbiose of a micobacterium and a monocyte; vital activity of a micobacterium in isolated tubercular formation and cultivation of micobacteria in medium with addition of dead organicsubstances). All these facts one, namely - nutrient medium for micobacteria, which basis - dead organic substances.


Conclusion: Normal vital activity and a breeding of a micobacterium is provided only due to a food by dead organic substances. It precisely confirms, that the micobacterium cannot be the originator of tuberculosis.


Thus, that the official medical science till now could not explain has been explained above.


The result of deep analysis of the above described three phenomena was sufficient confirmation of a new hypothesis on a tuberculosis which is described in article That itself represents tubercular process?; and which since 2001 was repeatedly published both in press, and on different sites. But, alas, while the stuff does not produce sufficient attention on the part of experts.


And on the end. In the beginning the interesting fact which in a modern phthisiology yet has not found sufficient confirmation has been marked: - micobacteria, propagating, blast an immunocyte.


The new hypothesis allows to explain this phenomenon but while there is no special a necessity to furnish any proofs. Numerous experiments have precisely enough shown: the immunocyte, absorbing a foreign body, blasts and englobes him. Yet there were no cases that the immunocyte let released any body back; except a micobacterium.


If is valid in beginning an immunocyte protects a micobacterium; and thus gives all conditions for her breeding; that is obvious, that it made for something, or with any definite purpose. There is also an interesting question - and what for to enable to propagate, then to destroy? It seems, not logic and senseless question.


And if has enabled to propagate; that comes the moment when it is necessary to give the multiplied frames to leave for "light". And how to leave for "light" if the immunocyte can grasp or absorb only?


Means, there is a unique output: to let out "multiplied", not having the conforming mechanism, it is necessary to collapse itself. As descends actually. But to this theme it will be possible to return only later. For for the beginning it is necessary to comprehend a new hypothesis. And in fact the science knows enough fact when the frame which gives life, the destruction lets releases brooding in "light".


I ask the reader to not hurry up to do premature conclusions. I ask to take into account also, that the conforming experiments proving the basic idea which is stated in a new hypothesis about tuberculosis are analysed. And the result of any experiment always was and is the incontestable proof.



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