Beforehand I thank those who can correct mistakes in grammar!!!


What itself represents tubercular process?


Do not hurry up to tell, that the science knows the answer to this question!!! The person and so has made many errors in haste. And failure in the decision of a problem of a tuberculosis just can and consists that something is incorrect we have defined, what we go not in the correct way?


I want to introduce well-known expression J.J.Thomson: From all services which can be rendered to a science, introduction of new ideas is the most important. And the second: Also to the most important for a science good turn is not only introduction of new ideas, but also comprehension of perversity old . And we should remember it always, even in that case when the person something considers unshakable.


The page about a tuberculosis on a site Medical information network begins with expression from B.Puhlika's monography Tuberculosis: State of emergency?: series of experts WHO specify, that that hour when the tuberculosis will be practically incurable disease approaches.... He is famous expert in a phthisiology.

In 1993 World Health Organization has developed the plan which has been designed for drop within a decade twice mortalities from this communicable disease which is carrying away 2 million of life annually. However, as mark T. Brjuer and J. Haman, the Harward explorers, which have studied last epidemiological data, in many countries of the world the position with tuberculosis for last 10 years practically has not improved. The morbidity in equatorial and austral parts of Africa and in some countries of the East Europe, i.e. in regions with high infection a HIV - a human immunodeficiency virus relaxing immune system and elevating vulnerability of the patient to a tuberculosis especially intensively grows.


And is farther Global strategy of struggle against tuberculosis requires essential revision, do conclusions the Harward scientists who have published them in "American Journal of Epidemiology", Global efforts on struggle against tuberculosis yet have not brought expected success. It the conclusion of the recognized experts in the attitude of program DOTS accepted in 1993.


In medical mass-media today is enough of information on a worsening situation on morbidity of tuberculosis. More recently it seemed that illness has been defeated. But she again reappears, moreover with more complicated and malignant current. The tuberculosis as was considered earlier is an illness hungry and cold, and today to this disease are subjected and the provided layers of the population.


Director of Institute of a phthisiology and pulmonology of a name of Yanovsky AMS of Ukraine, the main phthisiatrician and the main lung specialist of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, academician AMS, Dr. of medical sciences, professor Jury Feshchenko that writes in article the Situation with a tuberculosis in Ukraine: Under forecasts of World Health Organization (WHO), within the next decade on our planet is supposed originating 90 million cases of a tuberculosis, and the majority of them in an age-grade from 20 till 49 years, i.e. in the most productive term of life. From falling ill people about 30 million can die in the same decade if the attitude to this global problem will not be radically changed. Magazine the Doctor, 42002.


The tuberculosis cannot be won, but to supervise him is in our forces, is A.N.Ordy, the head of department of public health services of Donetsk regional state administration at a seminar Experience and the first results of implantation of strategy of struggle against a tuberculosis, the recommended World Health Organization, in Donetsk range has told. On January, 21-22, 2002, Donetsk, Ukraine.


I categorically disagree with that the tuberculosis cannot be won. It can be made the nearest years. And this application is proved. I want to warn the reader, that all new about what it will be told, is author's ideas. And while they will not be accepted by a society, they will remain private statements.

The establishment for the given application is results of the carried out researches. And the most basic about what it is necessary to tell is that analysis is based an official actual stuff which is received in a phthisiology on present time and which experts use. Only conclusions on this stuff are done completely others.


Experience of research work in an oncology (and in other sciences) has allowed to draw a conclusion that for today in the attitude of many diseases including in a phthisiology, enough of various experiences, experiments, and other researches including clinical is carried already out. I.e. is quite enough actual stuff to understand the given problem.


So, as all it is recognized, that the tuberculosis is a contagion, and that the exciter of tubercular process is a micobacterium. This theory is unshakable. Here again there is a lawful question and what here still it is possible to add new if the etiopathogenesis of a tuberculosis is completely known? And the second question and if all is known then why it is impossible will cope with tuberculosis? Than is more applied efforts, that the tuberculosis becomes more malignant.


Let's recollect the past. Scientist B.V.Norejko, chief faculty of a phthisiology and pulmonology of Donetsk state medical university of a name of M.Gorkogo, d.m.s., the professor in the monography writes Immunological aspects of a tuberculosis: Looking back back, it is possible to tell with confidence, that in up to antibacterial an era the tuberculosis represented smaller threat to mankind, than now . During all antibacterial era we meaningly damaged the infection of tuberculosis contamination all power of antibacterial therapy. Each new stage of damage mycobacterias with use of new antibacterial preparations was accompanied more and more by radical changes of biological, antigenic and structural properties of atypical variants mycobacterias Spontaneous flow of a tuberculosis in the past proceeded not under such horrifying script as it descends now more often. Comes a complete limen of antibacterial therapy.


Application of antibacterial therapy began at the end of 40th years. Also what happened further? Hoped, that offensive to a micobacterium should result in a victory over tuberculosis. And in a result we have received inverse result. WHY?


The answer is not difficult, apparently, we do something not so. Only it is difficult to admit it to itself. So, for example, the tuberculosis began to show forms at which micobacteria even with use of the newest methods of research are not find. But we are adhered to an official etiopathogenesis. And consequently we speak (justifying the failures), that we can not find a micobacterium as we have insufficient means for this purpose. Micobacteria in an organism are not find, and we speak, that the exciter - she. How so ? In fact this fact goes in a contradiction with the recognized hypothesis about the exciter of a tuberculosis - micobacteria. The more we attack a micobacterium, the more she is inaccessible. The impression is frameed, that someone or something, her protecting. And can it so?


Appropriateness there is a question: and the micobacterium can plays in the nature other role; than what to her is determined in phthisiology? Only in that case a developed situation in the attitude of tuberculosis becomes more explained.


All know that the micobacterium (Kokh bacillus) belongs to a saprophytes class. In biology is the known fact, that saprophytes in the nature act on a mineralization (recycling) dead organic substances, i.e. not alive. Not clear, why the science then carries a micobacterium which amazes alive, to saprophytes?


So why we declare, what the micobacterium the exciter of tuberculosis? In fact in this case the medicine denies biologists. The science should not suppose such inverse views. Till now is not found any substances with which the micobacterium would amaze alive frames. Then than and how she amazes alive frames?.. Micobacteria by which the role of the exciter of a tuberculosis today ascribe to, cannot by the nature (according to a biological role) to amaze alive organic bonds. And it means that they cannot be the exciter of tubercular process.


Many will apprehend this application in bayonets. Very much I beg, DO NOT HURRY UP. Some reviewers and opponents cannot agree with an idea on that yet, that the micobacterium is not the exciter. With a new view it was always difficult to agree. Let's spend experiments.


For example, that writes in B.V.Norejko's monography: Scientists-bacteriologists try to frame optimum mediums on which micobacteria quickly grow. I do not know precisely, what pathes go researches, but think, what not absolutely correct (and it is recognized by the leading scientist). It turned out, that it is necessary to make crushing an animal tissue, and to use products of a necrobiosis as the additive to a medium; for intensifying mitotic activity of culture of bacteria of tuberculosis. Abroad scientists yet have not solved this phenomenon. And in fact it is valid; cultivation of micobacteria is a problem which many try to solve. Why foreign scientists (and not only) cannot understand why at addition of the dead crushed tissue mitotic activity is accelerated? It in fact is not stacked with the theory about a micobacterium, as about the exciter.


And in fact the answer has been given just that. Words of illustrious scientist eloquently confirm a conclusion that micobacteria are not exciter of a tuberculosis, as they mineralize dead organic substances, instead of alive. And it denies a contagious role of a micobacterium.


Why the erroneous and inverse opinion was framed? But only because incorrect experiments were put, and in B.V.Norejko's assumption appeared the rights. Explorers raised micobacteria on alive nutrient optimum mediums. And as soon as began to add products of a necrobiosis (dead organic bonds) then micobacteria changed, revived, and their mitotic activity strengthened. It just eloquently speaks about a correct conclusion of biologists in definition of a role of saprophytes (including micobacteria) in the nature.


Thus, the first conclusion which managed to be made after carrying out of analysis: - micobacteria are not the exciter of a tuberculosis, and tubercular process is not a contagion. This hypothesis yet is not accepted by scientists - phthisiatricians. Though existing results in a phthisiology answer an offered hypothesis than official, more.


R.Koha's postulates (interpretation of official medicine) which I bring from article Phthisiology: a becoming and development, directions and priorities (published in magazine the DOCTOR, 4 2002) Jury Feshchenko's and Vasily Melnika's, leading scientists in a phthisiology. These postulates use today:

1. At any form of a tuberculosis is discover the same exciter - bacillus Kokh whom now name a micobacterium of a tuberculosis.

2. The exciter entered into an organism of a laboratory animal, produces tuberculosis.

3. At any other disease such exciter is not discover.


Earlier above postulates of the great explorer I did not reflect, as also considered their firm. And this case has turned all. It wanted to understand, in than and as I rebut these postulates.


Also it was possible to find those original postulates which R.Koh in 1882 has reported at session of the Berlin physiological society. These well-known demands (as they then referred to), and not postulates:

- The microorganism should be revealed in all cases of the given disease, and all signs of illness should speak number and allocation of microbes;

- The microorganism should be received in culture in the pure state;

- At infectioncultivated microorganism of the experimental animal, the last should have conforming disease;

- The microorganism should be received from a sick animal.


And, as you can see, R.Koha's postulates have changed not on my fault. He has declared four demands, and in due course one has disappeared and remained only three postulates. R.Koh did not declare about the exciter, He spoke only about microorganism. Why one postulate has disappeared and, as a matter of fact, they have changed? The answer is not present.


Why subsequently have blindly decided, what the micobacterium is the exciter? Real proofs of it in a phthisiology does not exist! Unless cases when the micobacterium is not excreted are not observed today? Unless cases of convalescence are observed at absence of antibacterial treatment? Unless everyone are exposed to disease by a tuberculosis at infestation by a micobacterium? Unless, at infestation by bacteria organisms are absolutely amazed? And such questions which put the recognized theory under doubt, arises much. And in fact at semination a micobacterium, unique from so-called contagious bacteria, are amazed only less than 50% of organisms. And thus it is impossible to forget that except for semination micobacteria we necessarily variate also natural normal conditions to experimental organisms, i.e. we subject long influence of extreme loads.


Presence of a micobacterium at the patient (as they say in R.Koha's demands) yet does not speak that she is the exciter; therefore he names their microorganism. And the second, semination micobacteria of an organism and originating thus of a tuberculosis yet does not speak that the micobacterium is the exciter of a tuberculosis. In an organism it is possible to cause disease by introduction in him of excessive quantity, for example, Hormonums. We do not declare that they carry out a negative role in an organism and are "exciter" of disease. On the contrary, we speak about beneficial function of Hormonums for an organism.


R.Koha's postulates are precisely bound with a new hypothesis. At tubercular process there should be a micobacterium in an organism. And what for she there appears and what role thus executes? Still it is necessary to answer this question. And the most basic is that by quantity of micobacteria it is possible to judge character (gravity) of illness.


B.V.Norejko's very interesting statement, in article Immunological aspects of a phthisiology: When in Kiev at the international meeting on a tuberculosis (1999) I have heard the report of American scientist Sborboro, I have been shocked. He has resulted convincing experimental data about that, - especially I emphasize, - that a pristine occurring of a monocyte with a classical museum tubercular infection contamination, Not changed by influence of chemical preparations; it is accompanied by, that the monocyte is fondly opens the embraces, and starts a micobacterium inside of the protoplasm, gives her a kind on a residence. Moreover, the monocyte resolves micobacteria not only to live, but also to be engaged in a reproduction. As a result of repeated division in a protoplasm of it of "the malicious wolf a monocyte is reached multiplication of a micobacterium till 30-40 individuals.


Imagine a monocyte, in which protoplasm the colony of the micobacteria develop which are taking place in the biological attitude (in symbiose) with a monocyte. The monocyte has for some reason allowed to lodge to the exciter of a tuberculosis in the body? The symbiose presenting peaceful co-existence of a latent tubercular infection contamination with the most important representative of cellular immunodefence - a monocyte, testifies to that, What is the concepts as a latent infection, infection (a bend tuberculine sensitivities) without development of the clinical form of a tuberculosis, it it is necessary to survey not only at a level of internal organs, but also at a cellular level. It is spoken by the recognized scientist. I disagree only with last offer. And the immune system can actually protects a micobacterium from aggressive influences on her on the part of harmful substance? The micobacterium can carries out beneficial function for an organism? And this process, is sure, descends is in a reality. To an extreme measure, it managed to be assumed on the establishment of the carried out research of stuffs of a phthisiology.


Presence at an organism of a micobacterium can be a fine marker for confirmation, of that in an organism has arisen and educes tubercular process. Apparently, micobacteria in an organism carry out the certain positive role about which we shall talk further. Do not hurry up to deny and reject!!! And so in medicine many errors are made.


I admit, you agree, that micobacteria are not the exciter of tuberculosis, and the tuberculosis is not infectious process. It can be assumed. Then there is a lawful question and what itself represents this disease which sometimes name tsar of diseases?


To draw a conclusion that a tuberculosis a NOT infectious disease, was not difficult. Was much more intricate to understand and reply, what itself represents an etiopathogenesis of the given disease?


To answer this question it was necessary to investigate and analyse of a stuff and not only a phthisiology, but also on many directions, both in medicine, and in other sciences. In a phthisiology appeared not enough of that stuff, the basic role was given only to interaction of a micobacterium with an organism, as infestant, and to an influence on her of various materials. I.e. showed one-sided.


It would be desirable to pay attention to the following question - and why explorers in spite of the fact that there is enough stuff, could not do a similar conclusion in the attitude of tuberculosis?


Let explorers do not take offence at me. I do not want them offending. They have made much enough, and their work has allowed me to present new conclusions. I want to express for it to them gratitude! But it would be desirable to tell simultaneously, that by the basic error in researches there was that all researches were carried out one-sidedly, and only in relation to a micobacterium, as to the exciter of a tuberculosis. They could not depart for frameworks of the official theory. And unless it is possible to carry out one-sided researches in a science? But we not always act how we think.


For example, all of you know, and not once meet to cases of convalescence of tubercular patients without application of antimicobacterial preparations. They accepted those or other Adepses, or kept a normal diet. Such cases remain in medicine in the category of surprising and inexplicable phenomena. How in this case goes a process of an adhesion and why in this case micobacteria stop the negative action?


Accordingly, to answer this question an explorers the conforming experiments have been put. And as a result the following conclusion was born: - Adepses not do antibacterial influence; therefore treatment by them is noneffective and impossible. But in fact at certain cases of Adepses-therapy convalescence were observed? And they till now have not found an explanation. Why we, seeing to, what there comes real convalescence, reject him? If Adepses do not influence micobacteria how the organism recovers, in fact it is a reality? We do not trust that we see own eyes. And in this situation the reality obviously contradicts the recognized theory of tuberculosis, as infectious disease.


At carrying out of researches in the attitude of a tuberculosis at all it was not given attention to other processes which have no the manifestative attitude to micobacteria. For example, practically researches on a defatting of an organism were not carried out. Though finally the organism of the patient with development of tubercular disease is degreased. And so, originally the answer has been found not in a phthisiology, and only then he has found acknowledgement in stuffs of a phthisiology.


Explorers have done fine work. Her result became conclusions that the tuberculosis is disease of cold and hungry peoples. And these conclusions were very true - the tuberculosis arises in an organism which is subject to a starvation, to a cold and dampness. I.e. to long influence of extreme conditions. But on it all also has terminated, further explorers passed to a micobacterium. It and became an error.


Let's analyse these conclusions from the point of view of physical and chemical processes. These are extreme conditions. Also I shall not tell anything new when I shall tell that in extreme conditions in an organism the increased charge of Adepses and first of all on the energy purposes begins. Thus, as a rule, the charge of Adepses in an organism exceeds his entering from the outside. I.e. the organism is degreased.


Thus, the tuberculosis can arise in an organism when the organism is exposed to long influence of extreme conditions. Thus the basic condition should be kept: use of Adepses in an organism should exceed their entering from the outside. In other words, this process can be named AS process of organism defatting. This conclusion does not contradict also to an official hypothesis.


And in what it can result further? As a rule, practically in a basis of all diseases there is one obligatory condition is a transformation of an able-bodied cell in pathological. I.e. any disease results finally in transformation of an able-bodied cell into the sick cell. And it means, that there come irreciprocal processes.


And in the standard etiopathogenesis this rule have forgotten. Researches on transformation of able-bodied cells in pathological were not led. And if they were led, were surveyed only from the point of view of transformation of able-bodied frames in pathological under influence of micobacteria. If in all an organism there is an excess of the use of Adepses over their entering in an organism from the outside nobody will doubt that there is a process of defatting and first of all in the certain cells.


And if in a basis of diseases pathological transformation of cells give also we process of a defatting of cells which should lays shall consider or can result in a pathology. Thus we should have precisely in view of, that is necessary to survey only that defatting of cellular structure which can result in transformation of an able-bodied cell to pathological. I think, that with it all will agree.


What cells can be exposed to a pathological defatting? Conversation is conducted about Adepses and consequently we shall start with lipoblasts. Lipoblasts can have in a normal homeostasis practically only an capsule in which there are no Adepses. It is not a morbid condition. Lipoblasts can how to accumulate Adepses so them and to give. They act a fat depo of an organism. And it means, that process of a defatting of these cells cannot transform a lipoblast from able-bodied in pathological. Hence, these cells cannot participate in this process. It is necessary to note, that we do not speak about a pathological obesity at which lipoblasts can turn from able-bodied in pathological.


The following phylum of cells are lipoblasts. In these cells the excessive quantity of Adepses results in an obesity that can result in a pathology. And loss of Adepses by such cells will be not-only not-pathological, but on the contrary, improving. And it means, that for lipoblasts process of a defatting will not be pathological; also that the defatting cannot result in a pathology.


The following phylum of cells are lipoblasts. In these cells the excessive quantity of Adepses results in an obesity that can result in a pathology. And loss of Adepses by such cells will be not-only not-pathological, but on the contrary, improving. And it means, that for lipoblasts process of a defatting will not be pathological; also that the defatting cannot result in a pathology.


It is known, that synthetic cells contain in cytoplasm additional lipide, i.e. fatty corpuscles (Osmiophylny lamellar corpuscles) which they use for synthesis of those or other materials for needs of an organism.


And now let's consider functional activity of such synthetic cells in normal conditions and in extreme.


In normal conditions fatty corpuscles of these cells are constantly used on synthesis of new materials. And it is natural, that in these fatty corpuscles Adepses should enter constantly. At use the quantitative composition of Adepses should be replenished constantly. We know that in normal conditions there is an entering in an organism of necessary materials, including Adepses. Thus, synthetic cells are characterized by a constance of maintenance of normal quantitative fatty composition of lipide corpuscles, i.e. equality between constant entering and the constant use of Adepses.


Certainly, that in real conditions, this constance is broken. Happens, that use exceeds entering and then there is a defatting of these cells (and is concrete - lipide corpuscles). But as soon as there is an entering Adepses from the outside in limens of a homeostasis the normal quantitative composition of fatty corpuscles is restored.


Now we shall consider conditions when the organism is exposed to long extreme loads. In these conditions there is an excess of use of Adepses over entering of them from the outside. And it means that synthetic cells continue to use the fatty corpuscles on synthesis of materials, and replenishment of quantitative composition of Adepses does not descend.


In a result there is a process of a defatting of these cells. Is known, that any changes can have certain character in this or that side. I.e. in this case process of a defatting should not exceed any certain minimal size. In medicine it is known, that in cases when any changes exceed acceptance limits further there are irreversible processes.

I.e. it turns out, that in a case when the defatting of cells can exceed certain minimum level there can step irreversible process. In this case the cell cannot fill normal quantitative composition even if to such cell necessary Adepses will enter at the certain good situation. I.e. in such cells process of an irreversible defatting (PID) begins.


Thus, in cases when the organism is exposed to long influence of extreme conditions at excess Adepses of use over their arrival from the outside; in those or other synthetic cells process of defatting begins, which can become under certain conditions irreversible, and result in transformation of an able-bodied cell in pathological.


Process of an irreversible defatting (PID) of cellular structure of an organism, it is a tubercular process. From the moment of appearance in an organism of a cell which has passed on a route an irreversible defatting, and there is tuberculosis. Or it is possible to tell in another way - process of irreversible-loss of Adepses (PILA).


We admit, opponents will tell, that is possible to agree with this hypothesis. But then there is a lawful question - and what attitude micobacteria to tubercular process have, and why they are found in patients? Though is impossible to forget, that micobacteria also can be found in able-bodied persons, and thus from them 5-10 % fall ill only.


It is necessary to note, that tubercular process is very complex process. Let's consider all his stages.


First, as it was already marked, tubercular process begins from the moment of appearance in an organism of a cell or bunch of cells in which began process of an irreversible defatting. This basic infringement at tuberculosis.


Second, when to tubercular cells Adepses start to arrive (they cannot acquire them), around of tubercular cells start to accumulate excessive quantity of unused Adepses. Adepses to cells of an organism I have address delivery. The accumulation in pericellular space of excessive Adepses represents already cancerogenic effect (factor). And since this moment the mechanism of the further development of tuberculosis is identical to the mechanism of originating and development oncologic diseases. It also explains that oncologic diseases and on the contrary can accompany tuberculosis.


At the certain moment in pericellular medium about a tubercular cell the critical quantity of cancerogenic Adepses accumulates; after excess of this quantity, they flare up (process of noneffective oxidation) begins. Burning of carcinogen results in additional changes and for education around of a tubercular cell of new frame a protective covering of pathological cell (PCPC). About it it is possible to familiarize more in detail in stuffs on an oncology. As soon as PCPC it is formed completely such cell practically is not exposed to influence of immunodefence and in to choronomic influence badly gives. Disease passes in a chronic stage.


While any cell is alive (even what became pathological), her certain gene will submit a signal that Adepses are necessary for the given cell. And it is natural, that the organism will refer necessary quantity of Adepses to such cell. For a normal cell it is will be normal process.



And in a case, when the cell has passed the road an irreversible defatting (i.e. in her tubercular process began), what then will descend? There will be a following - the cell begins unable to accept Adepses, and the organism on a signal of a gene continues them to deliver to a cell. In a result (it was already marked) there is a cancerogenic factor. And only the mors of a cell stops excessive entering Adepses, i.e. education of the cancerogenic factor. Immune bodies can liquidate this cell. But, at the certain stage they cannot liquidate her as the cell on the one hand is weakened, and with another - has got PCPC. What to do in this case and how to liquidate a tubercular cell?


And the nature has found the fine decision. The locus with such cell (or group of cells) is isolated by an organism in separate tubercular education - a tubercule (tuberculoma). In this education the enter materials stop to. Cells which are in this education even at working genes lose touch with an organism. In this education immune bodies also do not arrive, that does not allow them to liquidate isolated educations.


As a result of education of the isolated locus - the cancerogenic effect in a tuberculous focus stop to. Once again it is necessary to note, that the cancerogenic effect in some cases results in originating oncologic diseases at tubercular patients, and on the contrary.


Isolation of pathological frame in new education stops originating cancerogenic effect. But in this education pathological frames (process of fusion begins) slowly die-off and this locus becomes the new pathological factor. Who will liquidate consequences of such die-off in case to this education there can not arrive immune frames? Such locuses today show increased malignant flows of tubercular process.


The carried out researches have allowed doing the following conclusion: together with pathological frames in new isolated educations mycobacterium arrive, which liquidate dead materials (a consequence a tubercular cells of necrosis). And in a result, contents of a tubercular hillock are blasted without an inflammatory process. Apparently, that it is real role which implement micobacterias.


That symbiose about which so explorers much speak. That is why immune bodies do not destroy uninjured micobacteria. Micobacteria substitute immune frames in isolated education, etc. In discussion with the academician, pathophysiologist, V.Mihnev has arisen spores on symbiose of micobacterium and immunocytes. I protect my hypothesis, and he - official hypothesis. So, he spoke that micobacteria produce the certain materials which interfere with hinder for phagocytosis, therefore and there is such picture. On what I have objected: - In fact nobody, could not only see, but also separate this material. Why then we so keep for this only the assumption, and while a hypothesis anything the unproved for more than 100 years (attempts was much)? And can it is valid, immune bodies protect micobacteria, so they carry out positive function? He could not object to this argument.


Confirmation of the submitted hypothesis has been found in stuffs of a phthisiology. So, for example, at the description of morphological changes it was spoken: - there Are changes and in alveolocytes 2-nd type. They are connected to rising a cellular penetrability. The volume of mitochondrions sharply enlarged, their matrix is loosened, cristas are shortened. Ultrastructure osmiophylny lamellar corpuscles (OLC) is broken: one osmiophylny corpuscles enlarged in the dimensions, vacuolate; plates of others divided by wide light interspaces; there is a thinning of plates; their flaking and destruction with decrease inherent to them, high osmiophyly. Sometimes on place OLC the vacuole with the residual osmiophylny plates is formed - page 81-82 Functional morphology of lungs - V.V.Yerokhin, 1988. It and is the description of process of a defatting of fatty (lipide) corpuscles of a cell, so-called OLC. One alveolocytes follow the road of an IRREVERSIBLE defatting, and others (with enlarged OLC) - incur additional functions on synthesis of surfactant, instead of tubercular cells. It the real proof of the submitted hypothesis.


Explorers in this cytologic picture observed a picture of process of an irreciprocal defatting of cells; but their attention the dogma has distracted about the exciter of tuberculosis micobacteria. Therefore they and could not explain "obvious". Enough similar examples in a phthisiology.


Recently discussion with one known scientific phthisiatrician has taken place; from the ethical point of view I do not name his name. Me he been told: - Why I speak about alveolocytes which the organism should isolate on a new hypothesis, if in tubercular hillocks of them it is not found out. The basis of these educations is compounded with epithelial cells.


First I have been stumped. But then all has risen on the places. And consequently, as on this objection there is an answer in stuffs of a phthisiology. In opinion of explorers, the basic feature of a specific inflammation at tuberculosis will consist in original transformation of cellular elements at which the main majority of them changes to epithelial cells, which source of education both histogenic elements, and monocytes of a blood. This quotation from V.V.Yerokhin's same monography, page 115. And accordingly, in tubercule, for example, in lungs, epithelial cells which were formed from alveolocytes will prevail. Unless scientists not know it?


Thus, tubercular process is a process of an irreversible defatting of cellular structure. There is tuberculosis in an organism which in view of the certain causes is exposed to long extreme conditions. Thus the use of Adepses in an organism exceeds their entering from the outside. Micobacteria help an organism in liquidation (processing) contents of the locuses which are isolated by an organism - a tubercle and tubercular cells.


Absence of micobacteria or their liquidation complicates terms of convalescence, results in appearance of more malignant forms of tuberculosis. It happened because in the isolated locuses decomposing a necrosis without participation of protective forces of an organism begins; there is a specific purulent inflammation (pathological fusion). Contents of such isolated locus frequently break in an able-bodied tissue.


In dependence on in what tissue and in what synthetic cells there comes process of an irreversible defatting; we have various forms a tubercular process of flow. By the way, it is necessary to note, that Diabetum of the first type it is too tubercular process in cells of a pancreas, but about it conversation separate.


The submitted hypothesis of originating and development of tuberculosis allows to answer many questions which are put in a phthisiology. She allows to offer and a method of treatment (this question also is made; it is necessary to note, that treatment of tuberculosis is very specific). This hypothesis allows solving a problem of tuberculosis.


To speak about treatment, all over again it is necessary to prove an offered hypothesis. Today is possible to make new experiments which will confirm this hypothesis. Is possible to model an experimental tuberculosis without a lesion of an organism micobacteria. Today it is possible to cure patients who are not helped any more by antibacterial therapy, i.e. resistant patients. All specified experiments and conditions of their carrying out are thought already over.


Today, and not only new preparations will be necessary for treatment, but also for prophylaxis. Very considerably, in comparison with today, the assortment of pharmaceutical preparations will increase. And, perhaps, for pharmaceutics of work it is necessary even more, than for clinic.


As it became clear from an aforesaid stuff, analysis in medicine began with oncologic diseases. Only after this work it was possible to be defined and in the attitude with tuberculosis. Today two monographies, about a cancer and tuberculosis are already issued. Researches and analysis are finished; monographies about Diabetum and AIDS are prepared, but not issued. And this volume of diseases refers to not in vain, though he very different. Them one initial binds the factor (infringement of an exchange of Adepses). On each direction there is a science, but does not hurry up with a conclusion, and try to recollect that these diseases have concomitant character. Also work above the monography of "the Basis of the general pathological physiology is ended. The official and sensible discussion so while has failed.


While all this stuff is not claimed. Very much I hope that the common sense will triumph. Unless we do not want to solve a problem and cancer, both tuberculosis, and Diabetum, and AIDS, and other diseases? At all I do not speak, that it is completely right. All of us can be mistaken.



But I ask, let's look in a new fashion at already cumulative actual stuff in medicine. If it is necessary, let's put new experiments. Let's try solving a problem, instead of to surrender before her. It is impossible to forget today that existing conclusions on a cumulative stuff in medicine yet do not allow solving a problem of many diseases. It speaks that in them there are some errors.


All of us know that at times firm things during the certain moment can appear incorrect. For example, up to Kopernik all for a long time trusted that the Sun rotates around of the Earth. However after his words, today all of us know and convinced that all very much the other way. And it is enough such examples.


Today explorers do enormous work. In medicine there is enough stuff for correct conclusions, but existing dogmas do not allow us to make them.


So, the tuberculosis is a not-infectious disease. The micobacterium the NOT-Exciter of tuberculosis.


I want to tell once again in summary, that told today is a new view on a problem. And he does not apply for true in last instance. The stated hypothesis calls for the argued discussion which, undoubtedly, will bear the fetuses.


Yours faithfully to the reader, the author, Peter Savchenko.





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