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About other diseases


        It was possible to carry out researches with receiving of the positive decision not only concerning oncological diseases and tuberculosis.  I ask forgiveness, I shall be expressed only by theses. The researches which have been carried out concerning cancer and tuberculosis of diseases, appeared not vain. Researches have been continued concerning such diseases, as diabetes, AIDS, concerning the nature of viruses. Researches and on pathological physiology were carried out.


      Concerning such disease as AIDS, it was possible to understand, where it is necessary to search for the answer concerning his occurrence and development. The basis of occurrence of a HIV is determined. That will allow at more detailed researches and statement of the certain experiments, to steal-up to secret of this disease.


      In the attitude of Diabetum was possible to be determined with the general mechanism of an etiopathogenesis, as 1-st, so 2-nd types. So in a basis of originating and development of Diabetum of the first type (achrestic) process of irreversible defatting (loss of Adepses) β-cells of a pancreas lays. Practically today there are no doubts, that Diabetum of 1-st type is a tubercular process of the given cells. And about tubercular process it was already spoken in article about tuberculosis.


      In the attitude of the mechanism of originating and development of Diabetum of the second type (insulin-independent), it is possible to tell with confidence, that a basis of the insulin-independent Diabetum is the pathological obesity β-cells of a pancreas.


      At Diabetum of the first and second phylums the basic infringement is an infringement of an exchange of Adepses. All other infringements, including infringement of synthesis of an insulin and infringement of an exchange of carbohydrates, are secondary infringements. And these infringements arise as consequence of infringement of an exchange of Adepses in β-cells.


      Stuffs about researches in the attitude of Diabetum are reflected in the conforming monography: «the Mechanism of originating of diseases. Diabetum».


      As it is marked above, researches also are carried out in the attitude of AIDS. On this question also it was possible to make much. But to draw a similar conclusion (which it is given in the attitude of cancer, tuberculosis and Diabetum), an available stuff of researches in medicine appeared obviously insufficiently. What then it was possible to make in the attitude of this question if he rises?


      It was possible to be determined by that in a basis of originating and development of AIDS, all the known HIV, does not lay. I.e. AIDS arises not from a lesion of a HIV, in result other processes which take place in an organism. The HIV is only a consequence (final result) of originating and development in an organism of other process.


      With confidence it is possible to tell, that AIDS is characterized by the special process in T-lymphocytes. Directly, in the given immune cells (as result of originating and developments of AIDS) arise simultaneously both the cancer, and tubercular cellular processes. 


      We have already got used to that in an organism can simultaneously educe, for example, such diseases as cancer and tuberculosis. And so AIDS, it such disease when two different processes, both cancer, and tubercular arise and educe simultaneously in separately taken immune cells – T-lymphocytes.


      It is possible to tell with the big confidence that in these cells pathological infringement of an exchange of Adepses initially begins. And in one cellular frames there is an increased consumption of Adepses, as at cancer process. In other cellular frames of the same cell - there is a process of an irreversible defatting. It specific feature of AIDS.


      Completely to solve a problem of AIDS, it is necessary to carry out the further researches. Today preliminary directions are already certain. Stuffs of researches are reflected in the monography: «Mechanism of originating of diseases. AIDS».


      In the attitude of other diseases. Here it is possible to tell, that it was possible to concretize more diseases on initially. So, for example, cardiovascular diseases is basically secondary diseases.


      It was possible to assume a new hypothesis about the nature of viruses. It in turn allows reconsidering the settled view on virus diseases. So the virus is only consequence (an outcome or a final result) having a place in an organism, the certain pathological process. The virus it is a descendant (child) of a pathological cell, as result of pathological division. Apparently, originators of virus diseases are the special microorganisms, which while we cannot observe; or we search for them not there.


      In the attitude of such virus disease as flu, the following is possible to tell. This disease initially in results from a lesion of cells of a brain the special microorganisms develop, instead of a virus. And as a result pathological division of these cells we also have such frame, as «a virus of flu» which is in pathological cells.


      New views on a question of genetics are offered also, etc. Last stuffs are reflected in the monography of "Basis of the general pathological physiology». As is marked on the main page of the present site, basic my task is a sensible discussion with the purpose to find the decision of problem diseases.



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