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About diseases

The situation develops so, what is necessary to begin with the following question - and necessary whether for medicine to know secret of diseases? Earlier somehow such question did not arise. And today - involuntarily arises. Why?

In no event, I do not want to supplicate achievement of medicine, they are huge. But nevertheless, despite of it, many diseases remain a serious and unsoluble problem. All cause, that the mechanism of originating and developments (etiopathogenesis) of many diseases remains a riddle. I think, what exactly lack of knowledge of etiopathogenesis of diseases does not allow finding effective methods of treatment of diseases. Not only that scientists from medicine unwillingly recognize something; but they do not allow others to the decision of problem problems. 

Today we search for agents of treatment by a method «to poke into smth». First we influence that or other preparation; and then we estimate, as the preparation at influences. And it descended only because is not known, that is necessary to blast in an organism at this or that disease. Unless it allowable?

Forecasts of scientists in the attitude of many diseases are extremely unfavourable. Many diseases arise with new force and with even more negative consequences. Today programs WHO on struggle against those or other diseases bear crash. And this not only my opinion. This opinion of experts.

Really it is impossible to cope with such diseases as cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, AIDS, and with many others? Really these diseases will win at mankind?

NO, and once again is not! The person in a state, and already in the near future to treat these diseases. And it not the fetus of imagination, it a reality about which allow to speak the carried out researches.                                                   

About 20001 I try to draw attention of medicine to that was possible to make in result the carrying out of researches. But efforts while vain. These results are described in monographies about cancer, about tuberculosis, about Diabetum and about AIDS. As the monography about bases of pathological physiology is finished. At all I do not declare that I am completely right. But with certitude I can tell, that some conclusions already today will allow solving many problems in medicine.

What it was possible to make? It was possible to answer on questions on originating cancer, tuberculosis and Diabetum. It was possible to come nearer to secret of AIDS.

Today in medicine there is no precise concept about disease. There is no explanation about chronic process; there are enough obscure definitions. The carried out researches have allowed answering these and many other questions. On other it was possible to qualify diseases. It was possible to assume the general mechanism of originating and development of many diseases. And when the etiopathogenesis it known, to find a method of treatment any more will not make the big efforts.

Researches have allowed to draw a conclusion that opinion existing today: - «the cancer arises primarily in cells where there is no oxygenous (aerobic) respiration and there is a respiration at absence of Oxygenium (anaerobic)», - is INCORRECT. I can firmly tell, that is be absent an anaerobic respiration in internal and tissues where the cancer emerge. In alive organism in general there are no cells at which can be the anaerobic respiration.

In works on the carried out researches other view (distinct from a view accepted today) about nervous system, about the genic theory, and about other systems and internal is offered. I reiterate, on many questions which today remain open in medicine, it was possible to find answers. I am ready to prove each conclusion from the point of view of medicine, chemistry and physics. It means, from the point of view of laws which are accepted in these sciences. It is ready to show series of demonstrative experiments.

But the impression was frameed, that the medicine is not interested with conclusions which will allow to solve many problems which face to medicine today. I NOT understand! The medicine can does not trust in that; what is possible to win both cancer, and tuberculosis, both Diabetum, and AIDS, etc.?

I think that sooner or later, nevertheless all interested in these questions, and the common sense will win!




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